Sunday, 27 April 2008

Home: The Other One

Following on from the last paragraph of The Journey Home, Fiona reminded me that it is the sign of the true Geminian that he (the masculine includes the feminine - Interpretation Act 1978) can have two lives. And so it seems to be. I was trying to decide whether the lives were simultaneous or parallel or separate or whether some other description better fitted the situation. In fact they all fit in part and yet none of them fit absolutely. So I think I will just stick with having two lives.

There will be a few occasional postings on this Blog over the next few months and then I will start A Hebridean in New Zealand: Notes on my time in New Zealand 2008/2009. One of the things I want to do is a short review of some of the things that I found most interesting on the Blog and see what you enjoyed most. After all, although this is part diary for my benefit, I would like you to be entertained and informed as well.

In the meantime I shall try and continue to post some items of interest on Eagleton Notes. I have decided (I think) just to use Eagleton Notes for everything that I do over the next six months regardless of whether it takes place in Eagleton or the Wirral or France.

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  1. Cannot think of anything I didn't enjoy but I'll cogitate about the ones I enjoyed most and give a more considered response anon.
    Cars, plants, animals, scenery and what you've been up to all spring immediately to mind.