Sunday, 6 April 2008

Feijoas by the Bucket

As I have mentioned in previous Blogs food in this Country tends to have a greater emphasis on that which is in season than in the UK. At the moment apples are plentiful and cheap and feijoas are also coming into season. Until I came to New Zealand in 2005 I'd never heard of a feijoa. Until a few days ago I'd never tasted one. Feijoas come into season quite late and until now I'd never been here when they were ready. Another odd thing about feijoas, so I'm told, is that you don't pick them. They are not ready to eat until they fall from the tree. I'm sure that commercial growers must do something because I can't see that being practical commercially.

What is a feijoa? Well you eat it like a Kiwi Fruit ie you cut it in half and scoop out the centre. Taste? Well there's a thing. Everyone will tell you that it tastes like a.....feijoa! And, guess what, that's exactly what it tastes like. I have now added myself to the long list of people who can't describe the taste.

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