Thursday, 3 April 2008

Trying to be Interesting

When I used to give the talk and demonstration to all the coach passengers I used to have considerable difficulty trying to say the same thing day after day and still make it sound as though this was the first time - especially as people would come back time and again and hear the same spiel. I didn't find altering it easy because I'd then lose the link between the demonstration and the narrative. One of the introductions I used to use was to liken myself to Elizabeth Taylor's seventh husband on their wedding night. I knew what was expected of me but I had no idea how to make it interesting. Well I'm feeling a bit like that this evening. I'm also wondering whether there will be anything left to blog about next visit.

I'm also getting to the stage when I can't remember all the postings and either am in danger of repeating something or of finding something potentially interesting and then leaving it out because I think I've already done it. One of the disadvantages of not being on Broadband is that a quick search isn't that easy.

But wotthehellarchiewotthehell if that's the worst thing I have to worry about I'm doing ok.

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