Saturday, 26 April 2008

Days v Nights: Napier v Lewis

I was considering the weather today. "No" I hear you say "surely not". Well actually yes. Why? Because for the first time for a long time the weather recently in Napier and on Lewis seemed to be similar although it has been rather warmer in Hawkes Bay which has been the warmest place in New Zealand.

But what I was really thinking about was the relationship between the length of the days in the two places. Today in Napier the sun rises at 0651 and sets at 1729 and on Lewis the sun rises at 0548 and sets at 2058. So Napier has 10 hrs and 40 mins of daylight and Lewis has 15 hrs and 10 mins giving Lewis 4 1/2 hours more daylight than Napier.

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