Sunday, 13 April 2008

A Drive Home

Yesterday (Saturday) I spent a most enjoyable day on the croquet lawn. Afterwards I went to a friend's to collect a lasagne dish and have a cup of tea before driving home. It was about 1820 as I drove along Prebensen Drive and as I turned to face roughly south towards Te Mata peak the sky was fading with a special light reserved for Autumn evenings. Night was closing in. As I turned into the Cottage drive it was almost dark. I suddenly realised how privileged I was to be looking forward to long drawn out summer evenings and the fact that, in two months, there would be no complete darkness on Lewis because the sun will dip momentarily behind the horizon to emerge soon afterwards as if the day had never ended.

So on the few remaining nights that I am here and not going out I shall savour the opportunity to curl up and read or listen to music or watch TV with the darkness of the night staring at me through the large windows.

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