Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Night not so Dark

When I went to bed last night it was amazingly light and I decided to see if I could take some photos. There was a distinct déja vu about all this. Light nights are common when the moon is high but this was one of the exceptional nights. Not a night of a 'big moon' as appeared in midsummer but a bright one nevertheless. The photo at around midnight came out pretty well I thought.

At somewhere around 0200 I was woken by a text message that had been sent to me 9 hours previously: that seems to happen here rather a lot. I was struck by the fact that, when I woke, I thought it was morning until I woke sufficiently to realise it was the 'wrong' sort of light for morning. It was, however, as bright as daylight on a Lewis morning! So I took more photos. I'm sure I've done a post like this before but, hey, I'm doing one again.

The view from my bed

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