Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Street Furniture: Second Instalment

Whatever the peculiarities of Emerson Street and its 'pedestrianisation' peculiarities the situation certainly has given rise to a lovely street with lovely street furniture. A comment on the last posting on this subject was to the effect that the bollards obviously didn't work. In actual fact they do the job they are put there to do because, despite the fact that this is a 'pedestrianised' street with cars it also has free 10 minute parking bays down most of its length!! It just means that not only do people constantly walk in front of cars because they either don't realise or forget that there is a road down the middle even though it has the same paviored surface but the children can run out from in between parked cars in what they perceive to be a pedestrian area. OK so that's really daft but I suppose like local authorities everywhere Napier City Council had its reasons when it did what it did. Anyway here's some details of the splendid street furniture that adorns the street.

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