Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Dancing With The Stars

The Kiwi equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing has taken the Country by storm and the final is tonight.

If anyone had asked me whether I would have been a Strictly watcher I would have laughed in rather the same way that I would have laughed if someone had suggested I might watch Eastenders. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when after Pat had had her way with me and I'd stayed with CJ, I became not only a watcher but an avid one at that. I came here before the final and, unlike Eastenders and Corrie it's not shown in New Zealand. However it is franchised here and Dancing with the Stars is the show's name.

As I write this the final is taking place between Temepara George, a Silver Fern (the Country's Netball Team) and therefore on a par with a Man United footballer here and Monty Betham who is a rugby league player (and therefore only a Chelsea player equivalent - sorry Liverpool fans). Both are amazing although Temepara has been consistently so and Monty Betham has really only come to the fore over the last few programmes. Apart from the fact that Temepara is, in my opinion, by far the better of the two she has much lovelier legs (ok so it's a sexist remark but wotthehellarchiewoitthehell) and therefore deserves to win.

The judges have just decided by a difference of 4 that Temepara and her partner were better over tonight's three dances. We are awaiting the public's vote.

Monty and Nerida (she's the one in flame)

Monty and Nerida

Temepara and Stefano


The public agreed with the judges!!!!!

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