Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Twentyeight Sleeps

I have 28 sleeps before I leave Lewis to return to The Cottage and that part of my life which I lead in Napier. It was a significant enough thought in my mind for me to write a posting on Eagleton Notes. It also reminded me that I should start on this Blog in preparation for my arrival. So here I am, starting it. I think it'll be pretty much the same as it was before although I do wonder how I will find new things to blog about. So I suspect that there will be duplications: possibly many. I will certainly have forgotten things and I'm not sure that I will always check them out to see if I am repeating myself. Sometimes I will hope that the photo I've just taken is a better one than I took last time - we all hope for that, of course. But although the primary purpose of my blogs is communication, it's also a sort of diary. It's lovely to look back and see what I did and how much I've forgotten that I did! So I hope that you'll join me and I hope that you won't be bored.

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