Monday, 17 March 2008

An Unexpected Evening

At about 2145 last night I was watching Boston Legal and backing up photos on the computer when Martin popped down. He was just going to collect Wendy who was at a friends and who had apparently had a glass of wine and wouldn't drive home. Would I just keep an eye on the sleeping children for a few minutes.

Anyway sometime after midnight I got home just in time to watch the A1GP Feature Race start. I eventually got to bed at 0200 having failed to see the end 'cos I fell asleep at some point.

The reason I was late home was that when Martin was driving down the lane I saw the Alpha Male Bull from the field standing in the path of his car. It had broken down the fence and escaped from the paddock. It's a major pain in that regard. I phoned the neighbour who owns them and went up to the house to watch Boston Legal. I couldn't switch their TV on.

After 15 mins or so Wendy arrived home. Where was Martin? They had passed on the road. Tracey had been winding Martin up about Wendy having been drinking but he'd taken it seriously. So I, who had not had any wine last night, ended up having a glass of white from a friend's cousin's winery and a glass of local merlot and chatting with Wendy (and Martin who eventually returned - he is a remarkably good humoured chap) for a couple of hours. Very enjoyable.

The forecast for the week is wonderful. Today is certainly just that so far. I hope that it's the same next week (does that count as gluttony in the sin stakes?) because we have a whole week of croquet tournament. Another cheesecake to make. Perhaps I'll look up CJ's cornflake crunch recipe too.

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