Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Restaurant: Pacifica Kaimoana

Located on Marine Parade in the heart of Napier, the small (35 seat) Pacifica Kaimoana specializes in slow fine dining in an intimate setting. One can enjoy contemporary French-influenced cuisine year round with their á la carte menu. If one is in the mood for something special, they also offer a five course degustation menu. The menus change daily depending on the local ingredients available.

That's what they say. What is my experience?

I've been a number of times since the new owners opened a few years ago. The setting is simple and unassuming but the over-riding impression at all times is of superb, friendly, attentive and very professional service. The food is fresh and well presented. The menu is interesting and obviously the result of considerable thought. One would have to work hard to be unhappy in this restaurant.

I rather like their 'slogan'

We source the freshest
produce from the
Earth of Papatuanuku
[in Māori legend the Earth Mother]
and the
Sea of Tangaroa
[in Māori legend the God of the sea]
to whom we give thanks
& gratitude.

It is our pleasure to present
their gifts to you.

Rebecca & Jeremy Rameka

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