Friday, 14 March 2008

All Gone

All's now quiet on the Southern Front. The last of my (known) visitors have left. The Cottage is very quiet. It's been a lovely period with such a variety of visitors. Now everyone has gone my life will revert to croquet and petanque and quiet evenings. I have to make the most of the last month with Wendy and Martin and the children because Wendy goes to China the week before I leave and Martin and the children go camping in Gisborne. So I will leave the Cottage without 'family' ceremony.

My first thoughts were to spend tomorrow (Saturday) doing some housework and planning until I remembered that in the morning I have Golf Croquet and in the afternoon I have an Association Croquet match. It's a hard life. I just hope that the weather obliges.

As for the rest of this evening (it's nearly 9pm) I have two lots of washing to be ironed. Guess it's time to watch the rest of The Green Mile which I had to abandon when Mo was here because of a faulty DVD.

In the meantime I'm just a lonesome flower pot man.

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