Monday, 31 March 2008

Happiness is Dancing Naked in the Warm Rain

I have returned from Wendy and Martin's. It is nearly 0140. Late.

It has been a wonderful evening. Wendy came down at around 0830 just as Boston Legal was finishing and I was about to go up and see them. She had come to collect me because they were going to go in the spa and catch up with the week's news. We chatted for an hour and then went up to the house.

We all chatted about the week's events and enjoyed a glass of wine in the warmth of the spa on a beautiful warm evening in the open air. For a while we sat on the edge of the spa as a warm shower passed by and we tried to work out how to tell the world just how unlucky it was not to be sitting with us. To be honest we couldn't think of the words. But if heaven is like this then I would be well satisfied.

Cheese and biscuits - and perhaps a little more wine - followed with more chat.

And now for bed.

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