Sunday, 16 March 2008

Loos I Have Known

One of the many Good Things about this Country is that everywhere is well provided with public loos. Every village has its loo. This is wonderful for the traveller who has a frequent need for such a facility. On the whole the loos are very well kept, are clean and have toilet paper, handwashing and drying facilities. Mind you I suppose that as a coffee shop does not need to provide a loo (and smaller ones generally don't) the number of public loos, especially in towns, is necessary. Having said that I have sussed out the coffee shop/eateries in Napier that do have loos and, generally speaking, patronise them in preference to those that don't.

Napier has a large selection of public loos from manned pay loos to unmanned free ones. Taupo - being a huge tourist resort - likewise has a splendid selection. The Superloo shown below is in Taupo and has lockers and showers in addition to ordinary loo and washing facilities. The loo with the ladies is not actually a public one but is in a rather splendid hotel I visited in Queenstown when I was in South Island last year. There are a number of loos in Napier which are splendidly decorated on the outside (as well as very well appointed on the inside): the one shown is in Ahuriri.

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  1. I wish some of the local authorities in the UK would follow suit and provide loos. See Non-loo ( for the UK equivalent.