Friday, 21 March 2008

Another Day in the Life of un Vieux Pet Ennuyeux

0730: It's very autumnal although the days are very warm and sunny and wonderful. Long may it last - well next week anyway because it's the Hawkes Bay Croquet Tournament from Monday to Sunday. Actually what made me talk of autumn is that, apart from the heavy mists in the morning, the mornings are getting darker quite quickly. Sunrise today is 0715 and sunset is 1923 just 12 hours on this side of the horizon. Not that it's ever like it is in the summer on Lewis.

I have a 'free' morning. It will be interesting to see what I do with it.

1145: It's nearly midday. I actually wrote this with a pencil on paper on the back of the T2 Crossword I've just done (almost - I don't know the French rococo painter of The Swing). I've been out on the bike for a few hours and have returned for a shower and lunch before heading out to the Croquet Lawn for the semi-final of the Dorothea Sweetapple Memorial Trophy. It's a beautiful day with enough breeze to make the 26 deg on the deck very pleasant indeed and it's absolutely perfect for croquet.

As I cycled this morning round one of the large parks in the area and along the cyclepath of Marine Parade the feeling of pleasure of being alive was one which defies description by me.

1730: I'm home after playing two very enjoyable games of croquet against one of the most delightful opponents (and an exceptionally good player) one could have. By a stroke of luck I was on form to a greater degree than she was. I won the match (best of three) in two games. Popped into a friends for a cup of tea.

I've been asked out to dinner with 'the Family' and friends but I already have mine prepared so I'll pop up later and perhaps have the odd glass of wine or two and share in the convivial company.

What more could any soul ask for in life than a day like today?

The answer is that it would be so lovely to have my UK friends here but, hey, play the Glad Game I'll soon have their company again.

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