Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The British Car Museum

Frank wanted to go and see The British Car Museum near Napier. I've passed it but never been in before. It has a collection of over 300 British cars and trucks with over 30 Morris Minors alone. There is also an extensive array of car badges, number plates and petrol pumps, petrol tins, road signs, AA car badges - in fact, anything you associate with the history of the automobile - even car and aeroplane models and the odd toy automobile!

Ian also has a rare collection of pianola and the associated music drums.

All in all a very interesting place full of cars with memories. Unfortunately they are just stored willy-nilly (origin of that one ?) and in a variety of conditions from pristine to virtually scrap.

However it was a wonderful walk down memory lane for me.

One for Ron - I think it's the same as the one his Dad had.

A Singer Vogue - my second car bought from George Hobson 6179 ED - why can't I remember my current cars' registration numbers. Mine was two-tone red and cream

One for Mo. Her's was red.

I learned to drive on a Standard Vanguard Mk II. It was Dad's Brother-in-Law Mac's.
It was black.

My first car was a Standard Ensign. They came in three colours sh*t brown, sh*t grey and sh*t green. Mine was the latter. WNE 193. The Museum didn't have an Ensign but it did have two Vanguard MkIIIs. This was the 6 cylinder version of the Ensign. By coincidence CJ did a posting on his Blogs Memories are Made of This on my Ensign today.

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  1. Willy-nilly - Etymology: alteration of will I nill I or will ye nill ye or will he nill he. (By conicidence the letters I had to put into the blogger to tell it I was a human were - iynali!