Sunday, 2 March 2008

Midnight and Morning

It's midnight. Bedtime. I'm sitting on the bed with the door to the deck wide open. The wind is very strong indeed and almost hot and coming from the West onto the end of the Cottage and sweeping down the deck but not into the bedroom. The temperature on the deck is 26 deg. The tables and chairs on the deck have been folded away. We were promised gales and rain but the rain hasn't put in an appearance: a blessing for The Mission Concert which this year was Tom Jones.

I am just wearing shorts and am pleasantly cool or pleasantly warm depending on how you look at these things. The strong wind also means that there are no flying things! At moments like this I would love to have a fly screen door and I'd happily sleep with the door open.

It's morning. The wind has subsided. It's a pleasant 23 deg on the deck. The house is asleep - as are the other occupants. The rain still hasn't come. There is some blue in the sky: possibly enough to make a sailor a pair of pants.

I wonder what the day will bring.

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