Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thankful Thursday

It's raining.  I've got bloggers block.  The irony is that the rain gives me time to blog.  An additional irony is that I have so much material for blogs stacked up that I should have had enough done and scheduled to take me to the end of the month when I return to my other life in Scotland.

Do you like molasses?  When I was a small child having been brought up with food rationing Mum and Dad had this idea that a spoonful of molasses each day was good for you.  I see from the label that it's rich in iron, calcium and potassium so they were probably correct.  Dad actually liked it.  It's one of the very few foods that I can actually say that I detested.  I assume that if I tried it today I would still detest it but as I don't have to try it I have no intention of so doing.  I have a jar of it in the pantry because I used it in a cake recipe a while ago.

So why have I introduced molasses?  Well partly because I was thinking that my brain felt like it was wallowing in the stuff and partly because when I saw it this morning I thought to myself how thankful I was that I didn't have to eat it.


  1. Your mind takes strange turns sometimes! :) Not even Wikipedia was very helpful in making it clear to me how molasses/syrup/treacle correspond to the similar-sounding Swedish words. I've only heard of molasses (Sw: melass) as cow food. (No, you don't have to send me a jar, I'll just use my imagination...)

  2. Interestingly , Monica, we seem to have a similar problem here nowadays. I've found molasses labelled as black treacle on the supermarkets but it is definitely molasses not treacle - they taste quite different. I like molasses, by the way!

  3. We discovered that different brands of molasses taste very different, I like meridian molasses mixed in with my Oatbran, but Holland & Barrett's own molasses is awful, perhaps it's down to sulphur?