Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday

I woke early but, unusually for me, lay there thinking (always an achievement for me - thinking, that is) and wondering why I had had 4 out of the last 5 nights without a nightmare.  This morning I woke after a dreaming of a long cheese-tasting session with friends from huge chunks of cheese off a lorry at the side of the road.  The Lancashire was judged to be the best.  That I so rarely recall dream or nightmare details made this even more bizarre.  The rain hammering on the deck roof made the idea of getting up less appealing.  Eventually the sun did come out but it didn't stop raining.  This photos shows a soft rain which almost seemed to be hovering in the air rather than falling to the ground and making the photo seem like an impressionist painting.  Standing in it was like being brushed with silk threads.

I'd completely forgotten that shops in New Zealand are, in general, required to close on Good Friday (as well as Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and Anzac Day, until 1.00 pm).  So it is a good job that Wendy invited me there for dinner tonight instead of the family coming to me.


  1. Happy Good Friday - beautiful day down here. Soooo good tobe on holiday - for two weeks!!! Bliss
    Have fun with the family tonight
    Hard to believe you will be leaving again soon - winter beckons for NZ

  2. Hope your weather has improved today - although it did make for a great photo opportunity. We've had the most glorious day here, a real cracker.

  3. Good Friday morning here and it's snowing outside my windows! I took the computer back to bed with me rather than getting up ;) You know, taking some time first thing you wake up to remember some details of dreams is usually the only way. Reading this now made me remember I had some wild dreams myself the last two nights - adventures rather than nightmares.

  4. What a beautiful description of rain, and the perfect photo to go along with it!
    That dream a about a cheese tasting - yumm!!! Did it make you want to eat cheese when you got up?
    Oh, and I am sure you would have plenty to offer if you'd had the family coming to your place tonight; didn't you once say you were always buying so much food and had to throw out a lot because it never got used?

  5. Fabulous image. I can feel the soft rain on my face just looking at it!
    "Not even Wensleydale??"

  6. Hi GB, Looks like a lovely day in your neck of the woods, this handsome Highland cattle specimen enhancing the beauty! Thanks for commenting on my post about the fence...The fence is up! I've added some photos...All the best, my friend!

  7. Beautiful shot!! Its always wonderful to have dreams with food and drink involved :)