Sunday, 1 April 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For

OK. I know it should be 'be careful for that which you wish' but somehow it doesn't sound quite so catchy.  In fact it sounds downright ponderous.

Today is the last day of the tournament.  Which made yesterday, oddly enough, the penultimate day.  I had quite a reasonable day and managed third in my group which put me into the final play-off between the top eight from the two groups.  Mike and I had won the doubles played over the previous two days.  So I was quite tired and, if I'm truly honest, lacking in enthusiasm for the final day even though I'm playing well at the moment.  I joked that I hoped I'd fall outside the top eight then I could avoid the flexible Swiss (don't ask, no-one understands the flexible Swiss) and have a rest-day.  Well fall I did: on a piece of wet muddy grass at the side of the lawn.  I managed to pull a muscle and hurt my arthritic knee and by the evening it was bound up and there was no way I could cope with a very full day (potentially 9 matches) today.  So I pulled out.   
Photo by Lester O'Brien

So now, at 0930, there are two lots of washing on the line (bad weather is forecast for the rest of the week) and the dishwasher is gently swishing away on the second load after the family came down for dinner last night and I've already had my mid-morning coffee.

The clocks went forward last night and we were in bed early as well so this morning instead of being tired and having a lie-in I was up before the lark.  Isn't it interesting how easy it is to get up when you don't have to?  And conversely how difficult it is when you do have to?   Of course the lighter morning is a help.

The photo is: Me, Colleen (President of the Hawkes Bay Croquet Association) and Mike.


  1. Congrats on the doubles win!
    Sorry about the knee.

  2. Wishing your knee a speedy recovery. Can you put it up for part of the day?

  3. Hope you have sorted out your clocks by now! Sorry to hear about your knee. Maybe a bit of inclement weather is just what you need.

    Oh, and congratulations!