Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Boring Explanation

For those of you who remembered that my Apple MacBook Pro is called Eve yesterday's post was, hopefully, a mildly entertaining few words and pictures.  For anyone who didn't know I might have sounded as though I was going through a crisis.  Fortunately the last one that involved a female was long enough ago to have been erased from my conscious being.

Someone in a blog I've read in the last two days (I wish I had e better memory.  In fact I wish I had a memory of any sort.  Instead I have - Mum's word - a forgettory.) was talking about doors and openings and the metaphor with life.  As soon as I completed the sentence I remembered of course that it was Librarian in a post Doors and Doorways.

Certainly for me the bitterness of the lemons (see Dawn Treader's post here if you are wondering what I'm talking about) was long ago and life's pretty sweet now.  Little known fact: I love eating lemon slices - even more so if they've been in a gin and tonic.

Back to the boring explanation.  Eve has over 68,000 images on the hard drive.  They are managed by an Apple program called iPhoto.  Unfortunately the huge number of images are in one Library so the program is sometimes taking a long time to process commands.  So I decided to split them up into different Libraries.  That's a very simple but exceptionally time-consuming process for Eve.  Each set of photos has to be identified and exported into a holding folder.  Then the files are imported into the new Library. The original files have to be trashed. Then the holding folder has to be trashed.  It takes a day hours to deal with about 6,000 files of 4-5Mb each.  Apple securely shreds everything when you empty the trash so even that is a very lengthy process in itself.

So now you know.

In the meantime live life like it's a journey in a Zorb:

A bouncy ride but it all ends happily:


  1. Never seen a zorb before - this looks way cool!!!
    Thank you for explaining "All About Eve" :-) And thank you for mentioning my doors-and-doorways-post.

  2. Sorry you're having such a slow process with the sorting of your images.
    Great photos of the zorb but I think I'd better refrain from commenting on it as a metaphor for life.

  3. I'm feeling dizzy just thinking about the Zorb...