Monday, 3 November 2008

The Sun's Going The Wrong Way Again

Where do I start? Coming back again to Napier has been an odd experience. I've been welcomed back by some as if I am a long-lost friend but at the same time, in some shops for example, its as though I haven't been away. Today I called into a café I used to use very frequently (I did my emails from there before the phone was installed) and was asked where I'd been 'cos they'd missed me. That's gives one a warm feeling.

In fact I have started this entry so many times it is getting silly. Why? Because each time I haven't finished it and the next time I've started the feelings that I had and what I had wanted to say have changed and the moment has been lost.

I am exceptionally lucky in that (touch wood) I don't suffer from jet-lag. For whatever reason I don't know because I don't do or take anything for it. As the first day back was a day after I'd had no real sleep the previous night, I did at least expect to get to bed early. But things didn't quite work out like that and Wendy, arriving home having just appointed a new Principal to the school of which she is a member of the board of trustees, saw my light on and popped in. It was midnight. Four hours later I got to bed. Four and a half hours after that I woke to a sunny morning. And it's been like that ever since.

It is now one hundred hours since I arrived and it's as if I'd never been away.

However today was a very important landmark in that I decided that I was only playing Golf Croquet this morning and not staying on for an afternoon of Association as well. After catching up in Town I went with Wendy to collect the children from school and we went and had ice cream from the village shop, wandered around a new set of blocks (I'll explain that one in another blog) and came home en famille. I've just been making stuffed mushrooms and I'm taking them up to The House to have with steaks for dinner.

OK this posting has been a bit of a diary and a self-indulgence. I'll try and get into the swing of a daily posting and include some photos and make it interesting. I'm just hoping that I haven't used up all my ideas on the last visit.

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