Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Immoral Waste

Here you see my new printer/copier/scanner. Behind it you can see my 'old' grey printer. On the floor you can't see my old scanner. The old scanner is in perfect working order. However it cannot be used with Vista because the software has not been upgraded by Canon and the scanner is regarded as obsolete.

So I reluctantly decided I would buy another scanner. The basic model is about $150 (approx £57). I was debating what to do when I noticed that for $79.95 (less than £20) I could buy a printer/copier/scanner all in one. Eh? Then it dawned on me: there are no ink cartridges to be bought at vastly inflated prices when you buy a stand-alone scanner.

So my scanner will go to an op shop (charity shop) for someone who is pre-Vista) and the 'old' printer will go into storage. The black cartridge is allegedly empty (it's not because it's quite new) and the software will not allow it to be used until I renew the cartridge.

The only Good Thing is that my Study is now less cluttered.

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