Monday, 10 November 2008


Whilst I was in Scotland during the (New Zealand) winter I was regularly in contact with Ngaire and Bill from the Pétanque Club. Not long before I returned here Ngaire pointed out that I had blogged many times about Croquet but never about Pétanque. Oddly I thought that I had and that Ngaire must just have missed it. But I was wrong - again. I had not done so. So I will remedy that this season.

I love the design

The Club House and terrain

'Throwing up' for teams on club day

Ngaire, Bill (throwing), Maurie, Vic and Noel (taken this week)

"Try and point in just there."

"I'll race you."

Boule away

"Hmmm!" (Players spend a lot of time hmmming)

A Tournament at Bay View Club

Measuring (Players spend a lot of time doing that too!)


  1. I can't think of any other game where you throw up to choose teams - for which I am grateful!

  2. It looks very posh, and the blue sky looks lovely. Send some up here please. I do like petanque.