Thursday, 6 November 2008


After Croquet on Tuesday I remembered that I was on the rosta for mowing the lawns. Straight back into things with a vengeance. I remembered how to start up the mower and drive it too - it had some idiosyncrasies which I'd mastered last time. Now it has lost some of those and gained others. Of course there is nothing idiosyncratic about needing fuel. I forgot to put fuel in. So half way through I was left stranded in the middle of the lawns with them half cut. Fortunately the can did have fuel so I just had to fill the mower and off the two of us set. I like mowing in the warm sun.


  1. It's a golf course! I thought it was about our bowling green size. you would have to give your ball a good whack to cover that distance.

    PS Some of your lines are squiggly.

  2. Marcel beat me to it - I was going to ask if you'd had to avoid a rabbit at one stage? Aren't we cruel.

  3. It's only a sort of kindness really.