Sunday, 16 November 2008


A few evenings ago we all went for a walk. Leastways Wendy and Martin and I walked and the children cycled. Leastways.... Ah well, you get the message I'm sure. It wasn't actually that dark either but the light was too poor for non-flash photography.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I regert to advise you that your photo will self-combust in ten seconds. It conravenes the following healf and sathety codes:-
    riding without helmets;
    riding bike too small for the man Geddes;
    double riding non-tandem bicycle;
    riding on the wrong side of the road;
    looking backwards - therefore riding without due care and attention;
    riding withour mudguards;
    boy Geddes attempting patricide by strangulation;
    etc, etc.

    Should you wish to continue blogging please ensure future photos are less controversial.

  2. Dear SS

    Most of these comments are, I accept, completely justified although in N Z we drive on the left as in the UK so the bike is on the correct side of the road. But it is actually a private road so no RT laws have been broken. There is just the risk of death or permanent injury. GB