Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Veronica Bell Parade

The ceremony took place in the area in front of the Sound Shell and the Veronica Sunbay. The Sunbay was built in 1934 and named in 1937 when HMS Veronica was decommissioned and her bell was presented to the City of Napier as a momento of the relationship between the Sloop and the City.

At Noon the original messages in morse code were played.

Then the Band of the Royal New Zealand Navy entertained the assembled crowd.

At 1230 a Naval Guard and Naval Platoon marched in followed by the bell of HMS Veronica brought by the Napier Sea Scouts - which includes David and Jamie Geddes and Martin as a Leader. The bell is hung and then guarded by the Sea Scouts until it goes back to its usual place of safekeeping.

Speeches were made on behalf of the Navy and the City and the bell was ceremoniously rung by the Mayor.

The Royal New Zealand Navy Band
The Sea Scouts bring in the Veronica Bell
The Naval Guard fires a salute and the silence of remembrance
The Mayor rings the bell
Nathaniel and Ben guarding the bell

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