Saturday, 9 February 2008

Moas and Croquet Players

Friday: The dismal weather of the last four days gave way to a beautiful morning that had the heart singing once more. It is hard to believe when one has had the rain that we have had in Napier that the Waikato where I was playing Croquet in Feilding and Wanganui a week or so ago is having the worst drought for many years. There, cattle are now being culled according to tonight's News.

Marsha and Callum decided that they would like to see what all this croquet was about so they came to the Club this afternoon and had a couple of games. They seem to have enjoyed it thoroughly because they have decided to stay an extra day and play some more tomorrow.

I was a Moa today and mowed the lawns whilst they played. Unfortunately there was a match being played on one of the lawns. I'd have happily gone back later to finish but I'm looking after the children this evening whilst Wendy and Martin are out, so I had to mow through some rather unhappy players.

Marsha cooked spaghetti bolognese for dinner. It's a hard meal to better in my book. If I'm looking for a comfort dish which I know will never disappoint then spag bol is the dish.

Why are children so amenable with someone other than their parents? Catriona went to bed at first asking and, after a couple of stories (I'd forgotton the Peter Pan story although, oddly, not the characters), was fast asleep. Fraser likewise though without the story. David, who is the 'responsible senior child' now that Jamie is a weekly boarder at Napier Boys High was keen to finish a game that he and a friend who is sleeping over were playing on the computer but went without demur after a second request.

Television was rubbish and I hadn't brought up a DVD so I read until after 0100 when Wendy and Martin returned. Why don't I make more time for reading.

As I came out of Wendy and Martin's the night was absolutely still and clear and the millions of stars lit the sky but what struck me was the noise of the sea. We are a good few kilometres from the sea and there is a range of hills between us and the sea but as it pounded the coastline the stentorian reverberations could be heard as if I was standing on the beach. The guys said that when they were returning to the Cottage this evening along the coast the waves had been huge. There is a cyclone out in the Tasman and that must be causing it. Wow.

When I got back to the Cottage the film the guys were watching just ended. I returned a call to Mo's daughter in Oz who was, fortunately still up, to confirm her visit arrangements later in the month.

Bed at 0210 (by this time it was today!). Up at 0710. I have a match to determine who represents the Club in the N Z Silver Badges, an Association match this afternoon and the guys after that. The rest of the spag bol will be waiting for us this evening.

Life's pretty good.

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  1. Good to see the phrase "stentorian reverberations" is still going strong!