Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Pretty Good Day

I've just been standing on the deck. So that's not unusual but it's not something I do every night half an hour before midnight. Apart from the insects of the night - presumably cicadas - rasping away it is still, quiet and incredibly bright. The moon is in its first quarter and its light drown out all but the brightest stars and planets. It's not quite cold and it's not quite warm. It's the sort of night that, as a young man, I would have dreamed of holding someone close with a gentle passion that I would remember for the rest of my days. Only it was on a beach.

You might say that it's a pretty good end to a pretty good day.

Pretty good because I was on form and played good golf croquet this morning. This afternoon I had a couple of hours 'lesson' on how to use bisques (the croquet term for the free shots that go with a higher handicap than your opponent) and played better than I could possibly have hoped. Bummer then when I tried to turn the lesson into reality and nerves set in and hands tensioned and shots got muffed.

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