Thursday, 14 February 2008

A Quiz by any Other Name

Marsha and Callum and I were up at Wendy and Martin's on Monday night for dinner and to play Buzz! The Mega Quiz which is sold as the all-new interactive quiz game. "Buzz! The Mega Quiz is an easy to play, TV-style game show that delivers a socially competitive experience tailor-made for the PlayStation® generation with over 5000 questions across a variety of topics and genres, including fashion, music, sports, film and more. Buzz provides an accessible gaming experience that is played competitively by real people [there is another sort of person?] using one of four pick up and play Buzz! Buzzers. The Buzzers are fun to hold, easy to use and come packed in with the game." There's more to the blurb including "Buzz! The Mega Quiz brings the ultimate interactive game-show to your living room. with easy to use “Buzzers” and the general knowledge themes on a huge variety of categories allows just about anyone to pickup and play and provide social competitive gaming." In other words it's a modern take on the quiz game. So now you know even if you didn't want to know. And given the known readers of this Blog that will be the great majority.

Buzz provides a game format at which I am spectacularly inept regardless of my ability to answer the questions.

Marsha and Callum (MAC in the picture), however, excelled at the format and at answering the modern music questions:

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