Sunday, 17 February 2008

Not Quite the Day I Expected

If you have come to my Blog this morning in the UK then you may be wondering where today's posting is. Well the answer is that it's uncomposed because this evening, though a lovely evening, has not turned out as expected.

After a day in Napier enjoying the delights of Art Deco Weekend Sunday and meeting people and having lunch with a friend, I arrived back home at about 1730. Wendy popped down a little later to give me some news.

Martin and the children brought dinner down here for us all at about 1900 and then left to put the children to bed. Wendy and I continued to put the world to rights and reminisce until well after 2300 so I've not sorted all the photos for this evening's blog posting but I have had an absolutely splendid evening.

So tonight's posting will be one I've done earlier!

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