Saturday, 23 February 2008

A Day's Guess What

The day started with me waking up. I tried to make that interesting but, frankly, it wasn't interesting at the time and it doesn't sound any more interesting now. But, hey, not everything can be interesting. As I am now about to demonstrate.

I had won our Club's qualifier for the Hawkes Bay Croquet Association Silver Badges Intermediate Golf Croquet and the final was this morning at the Te Mata Club. In fact all the finalists were from our Club and Te Mata. Te Mata took a clean sweep although my match went 5:7 7:5 and then on the last game I was in the perfect position on hoop 12 to win the match when I missed a 6" stop shot and the hoop and then was unable to get to the 13th hoop ahead of my opponent who won 7:6. It was a bummer but a really excellent match.

In Association Croquet all the Silver Badges went to our Club. I have my first one: C Grade. Won before I became a B Grade.

Mo arrives from Canada in two hours so I'd better get on.

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  1. Waking may not be interesting but I'm glad we still keep doing it... long may it continue!