Monday, 11 February 2008

Hot and Humid

It's been very hot and humid this afternoon. By far the most humid day I've experienced here. What's rather odd is that the humidity at the airport at 1600 was only 28% and the temperature was 30 deg. Anyway during the afternoon's play I changed my polo shirt and the new one was soaked within half an hour. I didn't find the heat overpowering just the fact that I was unpleasantly moist! It was quite windy too. Now at 1800 there are threatening clouds, the wind has got very strong and the forecast is for thunderstorms. The temperature on the deck has dropped from 32 to 28 deg.

Why don't flies wound themselves when they fly into windows at the speed they do?

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  1. Hi Graham, love the site and the photos. Its taken me a while to log on .....and the blog I wrote has just dissappeared! So will try again.

    We are having unseasonal weather here too - best days of the year the last 4 - unseasonally warm. Tonight there is fog - so can't see the ground - feels a bit like being in a plane.

    Was up in Stornowy last weekend (1/2/3 Feb). Wild weather on the friday - 6 hour delay in arriving. Snow on friday night - 4 inches. All gone by sunday and back to its usual so all planes ran on time!!! I was hoping for a few days extra!!

    Take care and will drop in again now I seem fully fledged