Sunday, 10 February 2008

Enthusiasm and Talent Win Through

Marsha and Callum have decided to stay on for a few days longer than they originally intended. They are great company and it's lovely having them and it's good being able to repay, in a miniscule part, the hospitality I've had from the Familia Luti. Callum, in particular, is hooked on croquet so we went down to the Club this morning and opened it up for a game or two. Marsha and I took on Callum and lost. Callum took me on and lost 7:1. This obviously spurred him on to greater things and he took me on again and beat me 7:6 - and I wasn't playing badly. This boy has great potential. Now he wants to come to our Club morning tomorrow. He may make the newspapers!
Amazing! Callum, a natural jumper - self taught. Successful too!


Game end, congratulations.

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