Friday, 15 February 2008

All's Quiet at HeeBeeGeeBeEs

When I came home late this morning after being knocked out of the Croquet Club's Handicap Singles, Marsha and Callum had left for Palmerston North and Wellington. The Cottage is quiet and empty. I shall miss them, their company, Marsha's cooking, Scrabble and films.

I can, of course, watch films on my own it's just that I would probably watch different films and fewer of them. My way of watching a film is to sit at my computer and do what I am doing and just pay attention when something interests me or I need to watch to keep up with the plot. I concentrate on the computer when something upsets me or irritates me or bores me. I am the worst person in the world with whom to watch most films - as Steve (an avid film fan and buff) will tell you.

I can, of course, cook for myself and I do. It is easier, though, to cook interesting things for three than for one. One thing is certain: I shall eat less! No more pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce all evening! I have a waistline to consider.

I decided after putting two loads of washing on the line to have a lazy afternoon. A wash cycle takes 35 minutes and by the time the second wash was complete the first wash of sheets and shirts etc had dried! The second wash of towels took very little longer. The wind is strong and warm - more efficient (and a lot cheaper!) than a tumble drier.

I finished reading McCall Smith's The Right Attitude to Rain. The key to contentment in the Scottish climate is the right attitude to rain - just as the key to happiness lies in making the best of what you have.

I should take the bike and go and get some exercise but, to be honest, I'd rather stay and read John Mortimore's Titmus Regained (sorry CJ but my reading at the moment is decidedly easy on what passes for my brain) with a gin and tonic in the sun and then, when the news comes on at 6pm, do the mountain of ironing that now awaits me.

And, yes, I do realise just how lucky I am.

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