Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Welcome Swallows

A pair of Welcome Swallows were nesting in Judy's outside living room extension.  They were very reluctant to be photographed but over six days I managed to get two photos, one of which was useable.  I am always fascinated by nests.  I think that the skill required to build a nest like this using only a beak (and a tiny one at that) is remarkable.


  1. Me too re nests...I couldn't build one with the use of two hands.

    I brush out the old feral tom cat and leave his fur out for the birds...after a storm last year an old nest came down beautifully lined with his fur.

    There was something almost poetical about it, how miffed he'd be, as an ardant bird chaser, if he knew where his fur was ending up.


  2. The shot that you did get is great!

  3. You see, SP, I knew you were a kind soul.

    Thanks Adrian and Monica. I does what I can!

  4. They are such clever little things, aren't they? I have them nesting in the little shed out the back and sparrows and thrushes in the passionfruit vine outside the kitchen window.

  5. Delightful view. I don't know where our swallows nest... down by the river perhaps.

  6. No swallows here, in town we have a lot of swifts in the warmer months but I don't know where they nest. Out on the fields, however, I know where, on one of the bigger farms, a whole row of swallows' nests are visible from below. Maybe I'll manage to get a shot of those this year in summer (in another 6 months or so...!).