Friday, 6 January 2012

Views from a Balcony

I called in to see a friend on Wednesday afternoon after playing croquet.  That in itself was a reminder to me that I really must think more.  Diane had asked if I'd play a match in one of the Club's competitions.  I was happy to.  Did Diane want a levels match or a handicap match.  Diane chose the levels play.  I beat her 26 to 7.   Happy that I'd played well in preparation for the tournament tomorrow we arrived back into the Clubhouse to the realisation that we had no competition levels match to play.  Not only that but had we played handicap and had I won we'd have had to replay it because I thought my AC handicap was 8.  It is in fact 7.  I really am a very silly billy.

Anyway as we sat with our cuppas on June's balcony we watched the world go by:


  1. Have to confess I did not understand any of the croquet details there, but the view is really nice ;)

  2. Love the shots of the little boats bobbing around! They look so cheerful!

  3. I could so do with some of that balcony sitting right now.

    Wish I'd been there, it looks wonderful.