Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thankful Thursday

The hot summer days which we are supposed to be having in Hawkes Bay are not materialising this summer although we did have one on Christmas Day for which I am very thankful.  Because of the poor weather I've spent time at The Cottage getting on with things and have noticed something very important to me: birdsong.  There are a lot of birds in the vicinity of The Cottage but on the long hot summer days the birds tend to be silent and the sound of the cicadas take over.  In the weather that we are having at the moment it's like a permanent dawn chorus.  I love it.  And I am very thankful for it and the fact that I have the ears to hear it.


  1. Sporadic weather down here too - and yes, we find ourselves thankful for the days the sun shines, so we can moan about how hot it is lol...
    Grateful for no flooding or torrential rain !

    I have been appreciating the birds here too - quiet days at home and the courtyard sounds lovely with their noise. Interesting how many people comment on how they go quiet in earthquakes - to e honest I have usually been thinking of other things at the time and don't notice - must try harder next time!! Had a nice long one today - felt like sitting on a waterbed. Makes you realise how liquid the ground really is under that sham of a crust.

  2. In Oklahoma the sun is shining a balmy 59 degrees (F). ;^)

    The birds are gathering in the trees around my yard and composing a wonderful chorus.

    I'm glad for the ears to hear it, too.



  3. I wrote this on Tuesday and scheduled it for today. It is almost impossible to believe that from 14℃ (58℉) in the rain when I wrote that today is actually a toastie 32℃ (90℉) under a cloudless sky. What is odd is that the birds haven't quite realised it yet and some of them are still singing their hearts out but I've not heard a single cicada).

  4. Birdsongs are the best music ever! When I was little, there used to be lots of sparrows every morning throughout the year. In summer doves and parrots would nest in the trees in our garden.

  5. I am glad I have ears too. To hear music, birdsong, dear friends' conversations, but not shoot-em-up computer games, motor-mowers, chainsaws and so on. A pity we can't turn off certain sounds...

  6. GB the glitch is sorted...your blog is appearing in my reader.

    Perpetua cracked how to do it, that woman is a genius!

    You're so right re bird song.

    Thankfully the wren I've just rescued from the feral Tom cat will live to sing again.


  7. Despite howling gales the robin was singing in the dark before dawn this morning. The volume seemed especially loud - I wonder if he was trying to compensate for the noise of the wind?

  8. Not much birdsong around here lately except for the swans I heard on New Year's Eve! We've been having another rainstorm passing by this week... By name of Emil.