Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sidetracked by The Farmers' Market

Of course today hasn't gone to plan.  In fact a very short while after I'd posted my last post Wendy called to see if I was going to the Farmers' Market.  How could I resist on such a perfect morning .  It's not that I needed anything but great coffee and a beautiful beef fat-free (really?) sausage in cibata bread for breakfast was too good to pass over.  It only took a couple of hours.  I'm not sure where the rest of the day went (apart from the bit where I did the ironing and watched Julie and Julia).

Now I'm not really sure what farmers' markets are like in other countries.  In fact I'm not even sure if they have them.  In the European countries I've visited recently the  town and village markets tend to be more all-embracing than just farmers' produce.  I've always had this notion that farmers' markets should give better value and fresher produce than shops but my experience here doesn't tend to support that view.  Certainly there is a lot of produce available and some of it is very high quality but a lot of the vegetables are less so and some of the prices are more than in the supermarkets.  Perhaps it's a notion that the sort of people who go to farmers' markets are prepared to pay a premium.  Anyway they do have some excellent venison and beef and some wonderful sausages.

I've no idea what one does with a tamarillo and I'd never seen purple capiscums before
A very 'organic' looking stall
Simple packaging is so appealing


  1. Love that photo of the colourful jars and bottles!

    I think it's really only once a year in the autumn that we have a proper farmer's market with all locally produced things and nothing else. In the regular market in the town square it's a mix, depending on season. Has to be, really, since nature takes it own slow course... Most part of the year there are no locally grown fresh veggies to be had!

  2. It's a frosty morning here in France with the grass really crunchy underfoot and I could see my breath as I walked.

    Wish I was at that farmer's market!


  3. must be real good grocery shopping outdoors. I'm hungry looking at these fotos..

  4. Great pictures - especially the last one! Your post is the very first time I hear of tamarillos. Are they fruit or vegetable?
    Our farmer's market is held three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There are fresh flowers, vegetables, fruit, eggs, cheese, bread, meat and sausages; no live animals and nothing classified as "non-food".
    Prices and quality of the produce differs from stall to stall; most people have their favourites where they often get a little extra because the stall holders know them.

  5. Here in California we ave farmers markets too, and as you say the choices can be limited and the prices high. We had a bit of a scandal in the last few years regarding vendors bringing in product that they didn't grow themselves. I shop at farmers markets to support fresh locally grown organic produce, but that's just me.

    These are always good questions to ask if you care to...

  6. This looks very much like our little Farmer's Markets right here in Vermont. Some sell crafts and such. Oh, and the yummiest kettle corn. Have you ever had kettle corn, Graham? MMMmmmmm. It's sweet and salty popcorn.

  7. The thing I like about the market in Whangarei is it's a Growers Market and stalls are manned by the people who grow the produce. The few times I've been (cause I hate going to town on Saturdays) I've found prices to be reasonable and the produce fresh. And it has a reputation for being one of the best markets (and the first Growers Market) in the country.