Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Saga's Continues

The saga continues.  The very helpful person at Telecom to whom I was talking just after 9pm on Friday said that the problem with my T-stick could be solved remotely by the Advanced Technical Team.  Unfortunately the ATT go home at 9pm.  I should explain that a T-stick is the thingy that you put into the laptop USB to connect to the internet via the cellphone network.   

Last night (Saturday) after hanging on for the inevitable 2 cut-offs which accounted for more than 20 minutes, I got through to someone at Telecom who reviewed my case and put me through to the ATT (another 20 minutes) the ATT member to whom I spoke explained that I had to go to a Telecom store and get new SIM cards.  After I had done this the I could have my new SIM cards activated by phone and the $50 I had loaded the card with would be activated.  Unfortunately this would be after I got home when I would no longer need the T-stick capability because I’d have my home broadband available.  Please could I have my $50 back.  No.  But I won’t want it after I get back home.  Tough.  Hmmmm.  So after a couple of hours on the telephone I was back where I started.

I’m writing all this without the benefit of being on line and it’s amazing me how much I have come to rely on internet access for both the obvious communications with family and friends and for so many more things too.  In the UK I have access to the internet on my smartphone but I don’t have an NZ smartphone.  Last night the number of times things cropped up which I would just have Googled amazed me.  The friends with whom I am staying during the tournament in Palmerston North have been joking that they don't have enough Prozac to keep me calm! 


  1. I would be breaking out in hives if I were you GB.

    Life without the internet is just simply unthinkable.

    Bonne chance,


  2. From the fact that you managed to post this I'm inferring that somehow somewhere you found internet connection... I'm going on to the next post! ;)