Monday, 23 January 2012

Learning in Blogland

I am often told by acquaintances and even by friends that they do not have time to waste on Facebook and reading blogs and 'all that nonsense'.  I do what I hope passes for smiling sweetly and say nothing. 
Of course we all know that there is a lot of twaddle on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.  I have a straightforward remedy when people continually post on FB what I consider to be things that are not worth reading: I simply block their posts from my FB page.  I use Twitter to follow various news media such as the New Zealand Herald and the BBC and SeeYa (for cheap Air NZ flights) and so on.  I do have a few people I know as followers and follow them but I've never actually seen a comment or post by any of them and I don't Tweet (which is, I believe the term for posting on Twitter).

Blogs are, however, in a different league.  I've explained before why I started blogging.  I'm sure I have but I can't find a specific post - perhaps it's on Eagleton Notes, perhaps I've not written a specific post but done it in passing.  In short it was originally to keep friends and family acquainted with what I'm doing on the other side of the world (which ever they and I happen to be).  It's more than that now though.

Through my blogs I have met some lovely and interesting people both in real life and in this ethereal life of Blogland.  I have made acquaintances and I have made friends.  I have learned a lot and I have been to new places and I have widened my horizons.

I know that I am not alone in all that.

However this evening I read a post by SP on her blog, Secretly Skint, entitled Time Travel.  Somehow it has made a bigger impression on me than many posts recently because it has exposed me to something I had no idea existed in the way described.


  1. GB, I am 100% with you on what blogging means to you! Like I have said on my "Fahion Calendar" post earlier this month, I've had criticism from my family for what they see as silly and useless and nobody else would be interested in what I write about, but it has not deterred me from writing it anyway, and having FUN doing so.
    When I can combine learning something new with having fun, then that's just perfect for me, and here is where reading blogs and writing my own fit the bill.
    Must go and look at SP's post; her blog keeps disappearing from my reading list no matter how often I renew my "following" her.

  2. Blogging has given me the confidence to post. I think bloggers are brave.
    FB....I joined years ago it was a nightmare unjoining. The latter became necessary as I was invited to be friends with folk I'd spent thirty years assiduously avoiding. I hope you never have to unsubscribe. Allow two days!

  3. I think FB and Blogging are worlds apart. If FB ceased tomorrow I'd lose constant touch with some people but if my Blog ceased tomorrow I'd lose touch with my world and my sanity.