Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Journey From Palmerston North

Just a few shots from the car window (I wasn't driving) on the way home to Napier from Palmerston North last Friday.

The State Highway south of Ashurst towards the Manawatu Gorge (which is closed at the moment due to a huge landslip)
The view from The Saddle Road over the Ranges
A rain cloud on the Ruahinies from SH2 just north of Norsewood
This shop building in Woodville is hardly an architectural gem but the cheesecakes are renowned throughout the area


  1. Nice landscape views (and skies)! Is that wind power stations along the horizon in the first photo?

  2. Love the first photo and am grieved by the intrusion of those wind turbines marching across the beautiful landscape. We have them here in the California desert and they spoil what was once a magnificent vista.

  3. Love the first shot, the wide open road ahead, I'm ready for a long road trip.

  4. Thanks for the comments. After a comment asking for more photos of Napier I thought I'd also try and show some more of New Zealand's 'ordinary' beautiful landscape.

    Jill I believe that that windfarm is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It's actually rather beautiful and is claimed to be a significant tourist attraction. I blogged about it some years ago at Controversial Beauty
    . I shall try and update that post at some time soon.

  5. Now, this is why I love reading blogs.

    I can sit here in France, toasting my toes in front of the fire, and see and enjoy your part of the world.

    How amazing is that?


  6. Yes, SP. I have found out so much about places I've never been to before and I, too, think it's amazing.