Monday, 16 January 2012

It's Not All Oldies

At least two of the events in which I played at last week's tournament at Palmerston North were won by youngsters:

And not everyone is conventional in their dress:

Getting right down to it:

At one point in this particular final 7mm of rain fell in 10 minutes in a rain-bomb and the players fled for cover:

An attempt to hit one ball onto another the length of the lawn is fairly common, the success rate less so:

Hitting the blue ball to make contact with the red or yellow
without, on this occasion, success.


  1. So are you saying those are two different young men in the top two photos? They look very much alike to me! Anyway, good to see some photos of what you've been up to ;)

  2. I can see the attraction, SP

  3. No Monica they are two different boys.

    It's a wonderful sport SP.

  4. I will never forget the hoop setting out............Taking the piss a bit but the concentration and effort was spot on. You perhaps won't want to be remembered for that bit of your artistry.