Friday, 27 January 2012

Agapanthus Alley

I was driving home the other day and as I came towards the end of the public road (the private drives start at the end of the Agapanthuses) I was struck by a scene I see and love all the time and decided to share it with you:

If I turn to my right and look slightly backwards I can see:

How beautiful is that?


  1. Agapanthuses are great roadside flowers - but I do wish they would stay out of my garden. Once in they are almost impossible to get rid of. And the lake is a lovely sight indeed.

  2. Very, very beautiful! Makes me pine for spring and summer even more.

  3. Wow, the agapanthuses seem to grow there much like the lupins do here in the summer. I love that first view - I'm very partial to that blue colour :)