Sunday, 15 January 2012

0555 hrs: Sunday Starts Here

For the last eight days I've had to get up around 0600 hrs.  I was away in Palmerston North for seven nights whilst I played at an Association Croquet Tournament.  We - I'd gone with a friend from the Club - arrived home on Friday and then I had the family for dinner.  I spent yesterday on the lawns too as the Club competitions start in earnest.  Last night I decided that I was going to watch a film and get rid of the ironing from the last week's clothes.  Of course visitors arrived at The House and we spent the evening catching up on the deck under the stars.  So I decided that this morning I would have a lie in.  Of course I was wide awake and ready for the up at 0555.  So an hour and several teas later I've caught up with Facebook and the UK and NZ news via the BBC and New Zealand Herald websites.  Twitter is very useful for keeping abreast of the news if for nothing else.

So today I am taking the day off from the world around me.  Despite requests to play a match; the wonderful weather; and the temptation of a lovely afternoon on the lawns, I shall remain at The Cottage and shall catch up with Blogland and those across the world whom I am lucky enough to call friends.


  1. Your constant optimism makes me smile :) ♥

  2. Stuff the ironing GB, it'll still be there when you've finished enjoying the family, friends and sunshine.


  3. Monica. As you know my optimism knows no bounds and neither does my ability to do the things I intended to do.

    But, SP, I'm afraid that I do like my clothes ironed and although I have enough shirts for weeks and weeks I couldn't face the fact that my choice would diminish daily (I wear according to my mood) and, more importantly, I'd have to face a mammoth iron at the end when I ran out. Anyway I managed to watch a film without any guilt attached.

  4. Don't we all need such days entirely to ourselves every now and then! I appreciate them very much, no matter whether I do "useful" things such as ironing, or "useless" stuff such as reading, playing my favourite computer game, blogging and so on.