Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Very Satisfactory Day

I'm sitting in the Study watching the news out of one eye (well it would be given that I can only see properly out of one eye anyway), eating cashew nuts, drinking a glass of a rather passable red and counting my blessings as I type this post.

This morning I played croquet with a friend from Palmerston North and The Girls with whom I go to tournaments.  For a few years I was the most successful Golf Croquet player in the Club but over the last year or more Sandra has knocked me into second place.  Today for the first time for over a year I managed a fairly decisive win against her.  She's still the best in the Club but perhaps....

Then we all went for lunch at the Ahuriri Café which is one of my favourite lunching places.

It was so warm that when I got home I changed into my swim shorts and got the pressure washer to de-bug and de-spider web the deck area and also clean the deck so that I can seal it.  I also pressure washed anything and everything I could see that might need it!

So today has (and it's not over yet) been a blend of fun, fellowship and achievement. A Good Day.

I'm very easily satisfied.


  1. There are few things more satisfying than pressure washing. Maximum gain for minimal pain.

  2. Too right Adrian. I love them.

  3. Just re-read the first paragraph. Who says men can't multi-task.

  4. Seems quite a multi-tasking day to me ;)

  5. Proving that it's not just yin and yang that need to be balanced. I hereby invent a third: Yonq.

  6. Been busy in the garden here too - but decided to sweep up instead of pressure washing as we are still on water restrictions - which is hard as i LOVE cleaning with it!! Feel quite jealous.

    Congratulations on the win today :)