Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lunch At Café Ahuriri

We had lunch again at Café Ahuriri today.  When I first came to live in New Zealand I used to cycle right around the seafront of Napier from the first place I stayed to Ahuriri and there I used to have coffee and do the crossword before cycling home again.  It was a good distance but a 6am start would see me home and showered ready for croquet at 0930.  I was fitter then!!  At that time the café was in the 'village' centre.  Last winter Cheryl who has the café acquired a largeish old property out of the centre (which I have it in my head used to be a cinema but I must check that) and converted it into the new Café Ahuriri.  It has lots of shelter and an outside walled area as well as inside space.  It's lost none of its old homely character and home cooking but it now also has a lunchtime chef and new dishes for lunch each week.  It's also about the least expensive place to eat in Napier.  I absolutely love it.

The café with Bluff Hill (Napier Hill) behind it

 At Christmas each table had a tiny tree of its own

Wendy's latte came in a bowl today

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