Sunday, 24 January 2010

I Do Love My Tilley Hats

In February/ March 2004 I was in California with a friend whose wife wouldn't fly and therefore he had no one with whom to explore that wonderful State.  It was the sunniest March since records began - so the radio said.  It was quite a holiday one way and another.  A dear friend asked me to marry her (on  29 February: it being a Leap Year when ladies can do that) and I agreed.   (For the record she later withdrew the invitation!).  But, as usual, I digress.

It was hot and sunny and I needed a hat.  We were in Carmel

 and I went into a store not too many yards from where this photo was taken and there I found a hat which suited my needs down to the ground.  It was a Tilley hat.  It is the hat that features on my photo on the profile of this blog.  That photo was taken on the Franz Josef  glacier in South Island, New Zealand in 2005 when I was still a young man - yeah right!

That hat is now my croquet hat.  In that capacity it spends more time on my head that any other but I do like my croquet badges on it.  I know.  Silly but there we are it's croquet and that's my weakness.

Last year Gaz gave me another one.  It's great for the very hot days but for everyday wear and in the car - bearing in mind it's an open topped car - it's not quite right.

So I sent to Canada (where they come from) for another one.

So what is so special about Tilley hats?  Well, where does one start?  It's ok I'm not going to bore you but if you really want to know then I suggest that you visit the Tilley Hats website.

Just imagine.  I'm now the owner of three Tilley hats. And do you know, I don't suppose a single soul in the world cares a jot.....except me!

So now you know!


  1. Hey, a hat that fits is super important. Your look very stylish.

    I've finally found one that suits Wellington's wind too - it has a stretchy band in the crown and a stretchy chin strap with an adjustable toggle.

    For my next trick I'll try to remember to wear it!

  2. The hat is soooo you - especially now that you have grown your beard again and once more look like "our" Graham. xx

  3. Yes, quite becoming.
    I was excited to hear that you had been in Carmel! I come from across the Monterey Bay, in Santa Cruz. The water is bluer on the Monterey side, but it's all a beautiful view, isn't it?

  4. I love the progression of your post, Graham...all the way from Carmel and marriage proposals to croquet in NZ and Tilley hats....
    ;^) ;^) ;^)
    If you think they're special, then I think they're special...I remember when I first came across your blog profile pic and I knew that there was someone amazing shining out from under that hat and sunglasses.

  5. Well, until I read this post, that name (Tilley) would not have meant anything to me; but now I know better, don't I. Of course that hat belongs on your head! ;)

  6. The first time I saw your profile photo, I knew that I needed to get to know that man. He looked like such an adventurist...someone with spirit and genuine love in his heart.

    Yes, I did see that, Graham...and now, I also know that it is true.

    Tilley hats and all :)

  7. I've just re-read that posting because it struck me that I'd made a mistake. It wasn't St Valentine's Day - that is the 14 February. It was the 29 February - it being a Leap Year and that day being the day when ladies are traditionally able to ask men to marry them.

  8. Thanks for the tip and the link!

  9. I care - I love hats! I'm checking out the link right now...might have to order one! :)

    Of course, I was saving up for a cowgirl hat, but I'll need to change it up a bit, so a Tilley hat might be in my future!