Sunday, 28 December 2008


There was a time when blowing bubbles involved a simple hoop of wire or plastic with a handle.  Science hadn't really been applied vigorously to the issue of creating multiple bubbles from a single blow. This Christmas we (me included) received a bubble blowing kit in our Christmas Stocking. Not that I realised what it was. Entitled Rainbow Set Hubble Bubble I thought it was bubblegum and was exceedingly amazed at Wendy and Martin allowing such a thing (for the record I don't think they do).  What puzzled me, however, was the addition of the words 'Anchor-hold innocuity' on the label.  Anyway the science of bubbleblowing having been applied I discovered that the simple hoop had been replaced by a hoop with teeth, the purpose of which is to increase the amount of fluid held and thus allow the creation of multiple bubbles with a single breath.  Awewsome.

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