Friday, 5 December 2008

Opossum Trap

You may recall (but then again you may not) that in last visit's blog I wrote about a most unusual museum dedicated to the extermination of the Opossum from New Zealand.

The Opossum (generally called 'possums' here), however furry and cuddly it may look, is a major and serious pest in the Country and a major ecological nightmare.

Yesterday's gadget is a possum killer. Called a Timms trap, it kills possums quickly using a spring loaded metal mouth which snaps down on the neck of the animal breaking the neck or windpipe resulting in a rapid death. Timms traps need to be baited with fresh fruit such as an apple, orange or carrot to entice the possum to stick its head through the key hole. Marcel came nearest with a Wombat Trap except that the Wombat is a native of Oz which has not managed to procreate over here.
The Timms Trap

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  1. Pedant. I meant possum, as well you know. I claim the prize!!!!!